RodbellDrums Solid Six™ - Practice tips for a lifetime

The RodbellDrums Solid Six™ is a program that focuses on a few topics to develop total control on the drum set while giving the student a more efficient, creative and fun way to practice.

1 - Note Values

It starts with learning the basic vocabulary of rhythm. Quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes and triplets. The space between these notes is very important to keeping good steady time and playing the drums.

2 - Rudiments

Now we introduce Rudiments to our rhythms. These are sticking patterns used to change the feel and sound of the basic vocabulary. Slowly develop these skills over time to increase the creativity in your practice.

3 - Dynamics

Let's now focus on controlling the dynamics or volume. Practice at all dynamic levels; soft, medium and loud. The secret to most great drumming are the accents that give each rhythm it's undeniable unique feel and sound. This will take time to master so be very patient and relaxed. Just pay attention to every stroke played.

4 - Independence

Add the feet for developing four way independence. Keep a bass drum or hi-hat on all quarter notes or replace some of your vocabulary with a foot. Start very slow and use a metronome to keep everything together and tight.

5 - Textures & Tones

Now we move to playing the ideas on a full set of drums. Take one idea at a time and move the rhythms to different instruments of the drum set. Explore all the possibilities and combinations with the other steps. Everything will start to come together in a unique way to self express your musical vision.

6 - Time

Practice everything at all speeds; slow, medium and fast. Use a metronome to develop a great inner clock. It's a lifetime of learning and growing as a musician so enjoy every beat and have fun!