Larry's Approach to Studying the Art of Drums


Learning how to hold the sticks correctly is the first place to start. If grip is good then the stick will bounce.


Learning how to read music notation will help you to understand how rhythms work together. Learn the alphabet and you can say anything.


Counting out loud while you practice will help your body to internalize the rhythm. Muscle memory will follow with repetition. It is the electricity that runs through your body.


Different sticking patterns along with music notation, allow you to move notes around the drum set with more combination's and dynamics.

Drum Set

Learning how to play many styles of music on the drum set will help you with the balance, coordination and limb independence which are needed to play properly.

Dynamic Control

Learning how to control your volume will help you to shade and color the music with a personal touch.

Drum Set-up

Being relaxed and comfortable is the first step to being creative.


Keep your ears wide open to all kinds of music, not just drums. What we listen to is extremely important for who we are as musicians.

Most important is to have FUN!


Monday - Thursday
RodbellDrums Teaching Studio, Est. 2000 

Annapolis, Cape St. Claire

Lessons are 30 minutes once a week